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Download Angry Birds Evolution APK Game For Android

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Download Angry Birds Evolution APK Game For Android


Download Angry Birds Evolution APK Game Latest Version 1.13.0 For Android Free Onhax. As a casting shot RPG, Angry Birds got an obvious community across the world. Players control the birds as slugs and battle against pigs for their taking eggs. The diversion is isolated into a few phases. Force slingshot, modify heading and quality, cast the birds to your adversaries.

What’s more, assault adversaries from their behind will be more deadly to them. It’s essential to go for your adversaries precisely. Each turn passes, each unit (winged animal) will have the capacity to utilize super shots to assault pigs. Assault or surrender you adversaries by influencing a blast or making broad harm. Making great utilization of these abilities will be useful for you on the fight.

Feathered creature (unit)

at the point when the units crushed the pigs, this stage is finished, and status of units will likewise rise in like manner as super shots, and the shading will be changed into respectable “blue” and “yellow”.

The rewards are various leveled for various shade of birds. For instance, yellow unit causes 2 times harm than general unit to adversaries.

Dissimilar to the diverting birds that showed up in the “Angry Bird” arrangement up until now, the birds showing up in this variant are on the whole popular and cool.

Gather different birds and sort out up to five gatherings, and let us go on an experience.

In this amusement, you can appreciate relational fighting with different players (AI operation). The fight then again plays the unit and pushes the foe into the rival’s position.

The turn closes when one gathering is vanquished. The person who initially swung HP to zero is losing.

Something is making the pigs crowd to Bird Island by the thousand, and the birds have discovered their eggs in threat by and by. It’s dependent upon you to collect a relentless group of developed super birds and put a stop to the pigs’ shenanigans for the last time. Or if nothing else until the point that whenever they pull a trick this way…

Gather, amass, and advance your run.

100+ insane new Angry Birds?! We’re going to require a greater home. The run is greater and badder than at any other time. Construct your own particular group, consolidate super aptitudes and advance your birds into their definitive shape.

Set out on an epic experience.

Something vile is blending on Bird Island. Why are there such a significant number of pigs around? Who is behind the puzzling Bacon Corp? What’s the Eagle Force? Who lost the cell keys? Discover the appropriate responses – just in Angry Birds Evolution.

Download Angry Birds Evolution APK Game For Android

Download Angry Birds Evolution APK Game For Android


Squash the pigs in unstable fights.

What’s more terrible than egg-taking pigs? More than 90 unique assortments of egg-taking Pigs, that is the thing that. Privateers, ninjas, voyagers – somebody needs to tidy this place up. Give the plumes a chance to fly in full contact fights and ask the pigs to leave for good.

Join week on week occasions.

Procure wonderful rewards, and get an opportunity to add additional uncommon birds to your group by participating in week after week occasions. Join independent from anyone else or gather a family of pals to rival different factions. Construct the most grounded, most amazing family on Bird Island and govern the perch!

Go up against different players.

The Oinktagon: two groups enter – just a single leaves (successful). Test different players in PVP competitions of the Bird Island leisure activity, Pigball, and overwhelm the alliances for significantly more marvelous prizes.


– Over 100 vivid new characters to incubate and gather.

– Assemble a definitive run of birds and bring down the pigs easily.

– 5 Classes of birds with one of a kind capacities.

– Evolve your fluffy saints into relentless super birds.

– Explore the island and stop the Bacon Corp.

– Battle different players in the Oinktagon.

– Join families to open advantages, rival different groups, and visit with clanmates.

– Send out scouts for rewards and difficulties.


Download Angry Birds Evolution APK Game For Android

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